Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ship internationally?  Yes!  I have to put in those orders manually so that the shipping is correct.  If you can send me an email after you set up your username, with the items that you are wanting, I can put them into an order.  Normally on these order I do credit card payments to simplify exchange rates

Do you ship to Alaska/ Hawaii?  Yes, same as above.

I have put in my order but am getting an error "No Shipping Method."  That is normally due to an account not being activated yet.  After you register, you will get an email to verify your account.  Sometimes this email ends up in a junk/spam folder.  The other frequent issue is that the zip code has a problem.  If you have this issue, just send me an email and I'll check on my side.

How long till I get my order?  I have an estimate of backlog on the homepage.  Depending on when you order, it can be from 1-3 months.  If I have your items in stock, it may go out faster.  Occasionally it may take a little bit longer.  If you are ordering a full atrium, I try to split up the order so that the figures and dioramas will go out quicker.

 Do you make custom items?  Yes, depending on the time of year it may take a while to work it into my schedule.

I'm getting an error that this is an unsecured website and my data is in danger!  In front of the www, type https:/  This will take you to the secure server


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