Maxim Cabinet

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Small cabinet to hold the Maxim tablets.  The box can be used in the level 2 or 3 atria.  The Level 3 tablets are about half the size of the level 2's.  Maxim tablets and Summary of the Law hinged tablets are included. Please note that this may require a little bit of finish sanding.  For finishing this material we recommend an oil finish.  You may purchase that at a locally or purchase a jar of Tried and True finish from us. 

Jar of oil finish

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Dear Sir,

I am Sister Ignatius of St. Cecilia 's in Nashville. I asked Sister Mary Charles where to get some of the CGS supplies and she highly recommended your shop. However, I have been working on the boards for two different Atria. I only need to purchase the cabinets. I found them on another shop for close to $40 each. Would you consider offering the cabinets without the tablets?
I am also interested in purchasing the Liturgical calendars.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Sister Ignatius Connolly
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Can I order just the cabinet? We already have the maxims.

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