Maxim Cabinet

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Small cabinet to hold the Maxim tablets.  The box can be used in the level 2 or 3 atria.  The Level 3 tablets are about half the size of the level 2's.  Maxim tablets and Summary of the Law hinged tablets are included.  For finishing this material we recommend an oil finish.  You may purchase that at a locally or purchase a jar of Tried and True finish from us. 

Jar of oil finish

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Dear Sir,

I am Sister Ignatius of St. Cecilia 's in Nashville. I asked Sister Mary Charles where to get some of the CGS supplies and she highly recommended your shop. However, I have been working on the boards for two different Atria. I only need to purchase the cabinets. I found them on another shop for close to $40 each. Would you consider offering the cabinets without the tablets?
I am also interested in purchasing the Liturgical calendars.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Sister Ignatius Connolly
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Can I order just the cabinet? We already have the maxims.

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