Books of the Bible Cabinet with books- Cherry

Bible Cabinet
Bible Cabinet
$135.00 each
EP/RC Version


Cabinet, stand and books for the Books of the Bible presentation.  The case and stand are made from cherry,  The back is removable for painting and lettering of the book outline.  Books are included.  You will need to glue in the dividers and apply the oil finish.  The books come unpainted and not labeled.  It does not come with any of the lettering.  Please note that this may require a little bit of finish sanding.


The Orthodox is the RC version plus 3 Maccabees and Epistle of Jeremiah.  This is what Shelley Finkler uses for her training.  If you would like individual books for the letters of Paul, or other Orthodox variations, please let me know, depending on how many additional books, there may be an additional charge.

 We also make a lower cost version of this in baltic birch plywood. 

Baltic Birch Version

For finishing this material we recommend an oil finish.  You may purchase that at a locally or purchase a jar of Tried and True finish from us. 

Jar of oil finish

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