The Catechist’s Husband unofficially started 15 years ago when my wife told me about something new that was being started in our church. She has been very interested in the Montessori method of learning and was anxious to have this program in our church. But first, there was work to do! It started out simply enough with building a few materials for our new level 1 atrium. As many of you know it doesn’t just end there. Over the years we have grown the program and now have 5 Atriums and a pre-level 1 program called Young Lambs. I’ve made a lot more materials and she is now finishing up her training to be a formation leader.

The majority of our "furniture" materials are made from Cherry and from baltic birch plyood.  If you would like to get your materials in another wood please let me know.  We can also make custom materials to reflect what is in your Sanctuary.  If you order any material from us and are not happy with it please let us know.  We will either fix the problem or exchange it for another item.  We have supplied materials for hundreds of atriums across the United States and around the world.  We look forward to helping you also.

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