Please see FAQ page for shipping times.


 Frequently Asked Questions:

How long till I get my order?  Most items are currently shipping in 2-3 weeks.  Orders are starting to ramp up for summer and this time will probably get longer.  By the end of the summer when a lot of orders come in, it can be from 1-3 months.  

How are supply chain issues impact you?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  They have been pretty rough.  We use a lot of specialty plywoods that come from overseas.  The price has increased 4-500% over the past year, but looks like it might come down slightly.  What may be a bigger issue is the availability.  I am frequently having to juggle my production based more on available wood, than orders.  Normally during winter and spring, I'm building inventory for the summer.  That has been very difficult this year.  If you are planning on ordering, I suggest you order as soon as possible.  I'm not sure what the summer will bring.

What do you recommend for finishing my items: Finishing Instructions

Do you charge for shipping.  We now have free shipping for orders over $50.  For orders under $50, there is a $5 charge.

What does the expedited shipping charge include?  I do everything I can to get the order out earlier.  Many times that may be with a day.  If it is a larger order or I don't have everything, I will split it up into multiple shipments to get out the items that I do have.

Do you require payment before shipping?  Yes.  You do not have to pay to get your order in the que, but we do ask for payment before shipping orders now.  We accept checks and credit cards.  There is no service charge for paying with a credit card now.

Do you ship internationally?  Yes!  My system will estimate a standard international rate.  Please note that this is only an estimate and it may change when I get ready to ship the item.

Do you ship to Alaska/ Hawaii?  Yes, same as above.

How long till I get my order?  It's currently summer and I am shipping most orders within a couple of weeks, although large orders may take a little longer if I don't have something in stock.  During spring and summer when a lot of orders com in, it can be from 1-3 months.  

 Do you make custom items?  Yes, depending on the time of year it may take a while to work it into my schedule.

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